It is rather common in folk traditions for the makers to become over shadowed by the made, the tradition outlives the practitioner. In this section we focus on the craftsperson through interviews and articles.

Craftsmanship means more than technical virtuosity. It is not only a profound understanding of materials, and of the tools with which materials are fashioned, but most importantly it involves a genuine pride which drives an individual to craft and weave as well as can be done, beyond what is required, beyond economic considerations of reward. This impulse, which lies at the heart of craftsmanship, can be called the cult of excellence. It is this impulse which has through history led to the perpetuation of the great traditions of craftsmanship and the rich storehouse of knowledge and skill.

Since 1965 the Government of India, Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) and the Office of the Development Commissioner (Handlooms), have, been jointly implementing a special scheme that confers recognition and honor to the Masters for their excellence and invaluable contribution to the crafts and textiles of India. In recognition of their talent these Shilpgurus, Master Weavers and Master Craft persons are honored with a National Awards, State awards, National Merit Certificates. Besides these awards several organizations including UNESCO honour craftsmanship, these are also listed.


NOW available addresses of over 60,000 weavers & craftspeople working in more than 1000 crafts categories across India

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