In Nepal there are several methods through which handcrafted objects and the artisans who produce these objects can be accessed.

  • The most fulfilling and satisfying method is, of course, to contact the artisans themselves directly - hence, we have made an effort in our writing on individual crafts to provide the general location of practising artisans, since it is rare that exact addresses can be obtained.

  • The second access route is through contacts with NGOs and the Fair Trade Group Members who have close links with the artisan community. . (These are listed under the NGO section.)

  • The third route is through contacting craft co-operatives and groups of craft producers who market their products on a collective basis. (These groups have been listed below.)

  • The forth route is through the Handicrafts Association of Nepal, established in 1971 as a non-profit making organisation to promote the handicraft trade, consisting of private sector business, organisations and artisans. Its aims are to promote the handicraft industry; market its products; improve productivity; explore new markets; introduce its members to the international arena; and raise awareness. It is also authorised to certify the floor free on board (FOB) price for handicraft goods to be exported. The Association has more than 1,400 individuals, firms, companies/ organisations as members and three branches within Nepal. (The list of its members working in the field of craft is listed below.)


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NOW available addresses of over 60,000 weavers & craftspeople working in more than 1000 crafts categories across India

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