Conch & Shell Craft

Conch & Shell Craft

The conch and shell crafts of Bangladesh are famed throughout South Asia. During the last five centuries, Dhaka, situated on the banks of the river Buriganga, has been renowned as the centre of highly skilled shell carvers, commonly known as Shankharis or Shankhabaniks. A distinct community, their products are in demand not only within Bangladesh but abroad as well. The master craftsmen of Shankari Patti produce high quality products known as Sankha. These ornaments are richly decorated with carvings, coloured with lacquer or inlaid with bands of gold.

The products crafted from the conch-shell include exquisite hair bands, bracelets, rings, lockets, pendants and amulets, ear rings and necklaces. Delicate bangles are also crafted from conch-shell and are essential part of a Hindu woman’s trousseau. These are embellished with notched edges or diamond shapes along the centre.

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