Sitalpati Mats  of Bangladesh

Sitalpati Mats of Bangladesh

Sitalpati, literally cool mats are popular, aesthetic in design, luxurious in their feel and more expensive than other mats made from reeds and natural fibres. Sitalpati mats are crafted from the marantra dichotoma or mutra reed and it use is ubiquitous – from sleeping to sitting on, as a floor mat and a prayer mat and as a wall hanging.

A relatively new design development has been the use of sitalpati mat cuttings as an embellishment on bags of all varieties, on pen stands and other table top items.

Exceptionally well suited to the warm humid climate of Bangladesh these mats are as prized for their comfort as for their exceptional beauty. It is said that the best type of sitalpati mat is so silky that a snake cannot move across it as its smoothness allows no friction to the wriggling body of the reptile, without which it can make no progress.

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