Jewellery of Bangladesh

Jewellery of Bangladesh

Superb craftsmanship, elegant aesthetics and a wide variety are the hallmark of the jewellery of Bangladesh attracting connoisseurs both at home and abroad. Ornaments of gold, silver and other material have been an integral part of the history of this region with excavations at Mahasthan, Mainamati and Paharpur revealing an extensive collection of jewellery confirming an ancient standard level of excellence. Over the ages custom in Bangladesh has dictated that special ornaments are worn on different parts of the body. The significance of jewellery was not only as an adornment but also most critically as an investment against contingencies.

In Bangladesh the jewellers and goldsmiths are known as Sunar / Shekra. Normally a hereditary profession the artisans use age-old tools and equipment to create not only traditional designs but also innovative ones that suit changing tastes and aesthetics. As each piece of jewellery is produced individually, with care and precision the workshop usually is limited to a small group of assistants and trainees which revolve round one or two master craftsmen.

Jewellery and ornaments are manufactured in over 157 craft clusters in Bangladesh.

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