Nakshi Pankha - Embroidered Hand Fan

Nakshi Pankha - Embroidered Hand Fan

The making of the embroidered fan or Nakshi Pankha is as popular a traditional art as the Nakshi Kantha. Commonly used by the village folk as a hand fan, it is very attractive in design, pattern and colour combination. A product of artistic skill and ingenuity, embroidered fans reflect the aesthetic sensibility of the makers, as various floral, bird and geometrical motifs are cleverly sewed through. Embroidered hand fans are made of various material including cloth, bamboo, palm leaf, straw and mat. Individual names have been attributed to the fans, such as, Bhalovasa (love), Amay bhulana (don’t forget me), Tara phul (star motif), Sankhalata (conch shell pattern), often the central motif is a tall stylised tree with branches on which several parrots are seated, balanced on the two sides typical with elephants, facing each other, interspersed with leaves and geometric patterns.

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