Textiles of Bangladesh

Textiles of Bangladesh

The genius of the weavers was in the creation of exquisite woven textiles and the best of Bangladesh's textile remains in the variety of its woven fabrics.

Extract from the monograph written by James Taylor, a medical officer posted in Dhaka from 1828-46, published by the Royal Society of Arts, "The cotton plant in this region was cultivated with special care and yielded a ball with a very fine fibre and long staple. The spinning of the thread is done by the women of the villages - the supple fingers of the younger women providing the best yarn. The weaving was done by the men. Before setting up the loom the warp threads were steeped in a rice paste to make them firm enough to withstand the tension of weaving and the humid climate kept them supple as the work progressed.

For cleaning and carding the cotton balls in preparation for spinning the women used the jawbone of the boalee fish. The small, finely spaced teeth were perfect for the job and this ancient tool has never been surpassed."

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