Cane & Bamboo Craft - Tsharzo

Cane & Bamboo Craft - Tsharzo

Throughout Bhutan, cane and bamboo products have always complemented wood as the most commonly used material to produce items of everyday use. Cane and bamboo have been made into storage containers, baskets for carrying food, utensils, musical instruments, bows and arrows, walls for houses, fences, ropes, and floor mats. The abundant and lush forests in the Himalayan foothills provide the raw material. Over a hundred varieties of cane and bamboo plants thrive in the rain fed forests and are often combined with hard and soft wood from the oak, cedar, maple walnut, and other varieties of wood. The bamboo or rattan is cut into thin strips, braided, and coloured to form geometric designs; sometimes the natural colouring is left as is. The colours used include yellow, green, natural brown-green, blue-purple, and maroon.

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