Embroidery & Stitching - Tshemzo

Embroidery & Stitching - Tshemzo

Religious Embroidery consists of appliqué work on huge banners and dance costumes at - tshechus, ornamnents and decorations for the altar, profusely embroidered garments for sculptures and other objects used in rituals such as Cushion for the bell (Dril-Dhen), Umbrella (Dhug), Victory Banner (Gyeltshen), Flag (Badhen).

Traditional knee length boots or Tsholham are made of cloth with leather soles and embroidered - colours and decorations depending upon the rank of the civil servant.

Practitioners: Tailoring is done by both men and women, whereas the appliqué and embroidery are done by the men.

Materials: Embroidery is done on silks, brocades, woollen and plain cloth. The thread used is usually made of silk and the subject depending on the purpose could consist of flower decorations, the dragon, the eight lucky signs or huge religious embroidered and appliqué representations of the religious deities.

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