Ornament Making - Silver & Gold - Troko

Ornament Making - Silver & Gold - Troko

Jewellery, gold-and silver objects are made by a special class of craftsmen. They make objects like swords, boxes, teapots in silver that are often covered with a fine layer of gold, and they make jewellery in both silver and gold. Traditional hand-beaten methods are used in the production of jewellery and other objects. The metal is backed with lac, and the pattern hammered out with blunt chisels after the manner of old alto-relievo work. Objects are embossed or engraved with good luck symbols like the dragon and relief carvings with the most beautiful designs. Silver work can be found on temple pillars, altar tables, jewellery and other silver objects like boxes.

Bhutanese jewellery is limited but spectacular - earrings made of gold and turquoise, silver broaches and belt ornaments, elaborate pearl, agate and coral necklaces. Women's jewellery uses simple engraving set with coral and turquoise.

Brooches or (Koma) are used by Bhutanese women to fasten their dress at the shoulders. The two broaches are held together by a Chain called Jabtha. Bracelets or Bangles called Dopchu were worn by Bhutanese women in the old days- lighter versions are used by the women today. Earrings or Sinchu are usually made of silver and gold and decorated with a turquoise.

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