Bronze Utensils of Chattisgarh

Bronze Utensils of Chattisgarh

Kansa (bell metal) is commonly used by the metal smiths of Raigarh and Sarguja district of Chattisgarh. Kansa is an ideal metal bells, lamps and utensils. The used objects can be re-heated and molten and shaped into new forms. The used metal is available with sahukar or traders. The metal is melted in high fire ceramic pot for more than two hours. A heated molten metal is set in open clay moulds in the ground and left to cool. After the utensil is shaped it is polished with a mixture of ammonia crystal + salt dissolved in water. This mixture gives a glossy finish to the utensils. Lastly the bowls and plates are etched in circular patterns with a wire brush or a buffing machine.

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