Changeri / Moonj Grass Basket Craft of Haryana

Changeri / Moonj Grass Basket Craft of Haryana

Sarkanda plant grown abundantly in the green state of Haryana during the season of winter it gets dried up, is harvested and is then put to creative usage by the local folk. The dried main stalk is harvested and creatively used to produce collection of products. The thicker parts are used to make stools  and furniture while the outer skin is used as thatch. The tuli, top half and the leafy covering, moonj  is made into baskets


Changeri is one of the many moonj grass products which are popularly made by local women folk. It is a traditional shallow basket made by coiling technique and often with a lid. Besides the Changeri they make the large boiya roti/bread basket, that may or may not have a lid but nonetheless keep hot rotis dry and fresh due to its moisture absorbing walls. A variation of the changeri is the Sindhora a pear shaped basket that is bound with naulai or wheat stalk. These baskets are decorated with gota/shiny ribbons, colored threads, date palm and patera leaves.

The women also make hand fans to keep the heat away and the indhi, used as a support base for carrying water pots on the head are also made of sarkanda as these form part of the bride's dowry and are highly decorated with colourful fabric and yarns and embellished with bead and shell tassels

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