Jewellery of Madhya Pradesh

Jewellery of Madhya Pradesh

There is an entire gamut, ranging from expensive to low-price ornaments. Gold and silver jewellery studded with precious stones and pearls and decorated with fine enamel work can be found here. Jewellery made of lead, copper, brass, ivory, beads, ornamental threads, wool, seeds, berries, and cowries is also made. Glass and lac bangles are worn by all communities. Benda is an ornament for the forehead, necklaces are known as hansuli and mangalsutras, and the nathuni is the nose ring. The jhanjars or anklets are made of clove-shaped beads of silver cast in one piece called lauang kasauthi. Rewa and Indore are famous for lac jewellery. The ornaments made include chokers, ear rings, rings, hair ornaments, and large octagonal bead chains made in traditional styles. Lac is placed over tin foil and melted, so that the foil is completely covered with lac. These ornaments have a golden sheen. Gwalior is an important centre for glass-bead ornaments such as necklaces, ear rings, rings, and belts. Artisans also combine glass beads with wood, shell, rudraksha, and copper and white metal to produce more attractive designs.

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