Ramacham Root/ Vetiveria Carving of Kerala

Ramacham root or Vetiveria (Vetiveria Zizaniodes) is a boon to the tropical heat of India renowned for its perfume, cooling and medicinal properties, is crafted into a number of products specifically designed to counter the hot humidity. Grown in India Ramacham founds many medicinal, cooling and incense properties. The roots are crafted into products like hats, fan, mats, blinds, and chappals/footwear etc as this material emits wiffs of a cooling perfume if periodically sprinkled with water during use. Ramacham infused water is also drunk due to widely prevalent belief that it lowers the body temperature in scorching heat. Ramacham blinds help to shade house from harsh sunlight, keeping rooms cool and roofs of the house are covered with dried ramacham and sprinkled with water to keep entire houses cool. Indigenous room coolers generate sprays of moist perfumed air with the aid of a motor and ramacham

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