Jewellery of Maharashtra

Jewellery of Maharashtra

The appeal of Maharashtrian jewellery is in its solidity, volume, and elegance. So simple is it in concept that the jewellery can be made with chunks of gold or silver, with gold plating, or thin gold sheets filled with lacquer and yet retain its beauty and originality. Each traditional ornament made and worn in Maharashtra has a local name. Sari is a masterpiece of ingenious simplicity. It is a circular golden tube, or two wires twisted together with a spiral design at each end. The ends are joined with a hook in the front. It is stiff and worn quite tightly around the neck. Mohanmal is another simple creation, made of moulded beads of different designs. Gathla and putalimal are gold coins strung together to make a necklace. The coins in the smaller necklace, the gathla, are usually inscribed. The putalimal is much heavier. Chandrahars are circular rings linked to each other. Goph is literally a rope of gold, chitak is a strip that circles the neck quite tightly, and toda is a thick, ornamental bracelet that sits heavily on the wrist. Hupri, near Kolhapur, is foremost among the silver jewellery making centres in Maharashtra. The items produced are necklaces, ear rings, armlets, hair pins, waist chains, rings, and key chains, each of which bears the stamp of superb craftsmanship.

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