Jewellery of Andhra Pradesh

Jewellery of Andhra Pradesh

The jewellery crafted in Andhra Pradesh is divided into four categories which are: Gold and silver jewellery: The style used is Mughal and the work is noted for its elegance and fine workmanship. The work is concentrated in Hyderabad city. Gold covered jewellery: In this craft, copper, silver, and brass are first made into an alloy, while the gold is drawn into fine wires and foils which and superimposed on the alloy. The products crafted include bangles, necklaces, rings, earrings, head ornaments, and hair pins. Lac jewellery: This craft was originally practised by goldsmiths using precious stones, gold, and silver as raw materials. Now the raw materials used are synthetic stones, mirrors, glass beads, and aluminium or glass rings. The products made include kumkum boxes, pendants, cuff links, rings, buttons, key chains, and Christmas hangings. Studded bangles made using this process are possibly the most well-known product of this art. Beads and bangles: Glass beads and bangles are common in Andhra Pradesh, especially in Papanaidupet in Chittoor district where the artisans make fine and colourful beads.

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