Jewellery of Himachal Pradesh

Jewellery of Himachal Pradesh

Pahari women, adorned with silver ornaments, is a typical motif in Himachal. All over the state ornaments are made by silversmiths locally called sunairs who work in both gold and silver. Pahari jewellery is both artistic and elaborate. Both gold and silver ornaments are believed to have magical and religious properties that protect the wearer, though silver is more commonly used. The sunairs of Kangra district are highly skilled in the art of enamelling on gold and silver ornaments and it was from here that enamellers branched out to Kulu, Chamba, and other places. The silversmiths in the village of Dughi Lag in Kulu district and those of Sultanpur, have mastered chasing and filigree work . One of the most cherished ornaments is the coin necklace or chandrahar, which consists of several silver chains linked together by a pendant and plaques that are usually enamelled in blue and green. The silversmiths are concentrated in Moti bazaar in Mandi, Chaugan bazaar in Chamba, and in narrow alleys in old and new towns in Kangra and Sultanpur. The lower Dhalpur bazaar in Kulu and the Suniarian-da-Ghaon near Tikkri in Rohru tehsil also has silversmiths.

The silver jewellery is manufactured in Maila village, Sultanpur, Chamba town, Moti Bazaar of Mandi town, Kangra, Kullu and Kinnaur in Chamba district and Rohru Sunarion ka gao in Shimla district.

The traditional names of silver jewellery of Himachal Pradesh


  • Dodmala - Beaded necklace

  • Champakali

  • Chandanhaar

  • Sabi - lockets, inset with a painted miniature icon

  • Chandrahaar - necklace of silver coins with an enamelled pendant

  • Gal pattu - choker

  • Jaumala - silver beaded necklace

  • Coral necklace

  • Karanphool

  • Jhumku

  • Laung - large stud

  • Balu - large nose rings

  • Bulak - circular nose rings

  • Kangnu - bangles with elephant head knob endings

  • Silver bracelets

  • Bajuband - arm bands

  • Paijeb - anklets

  • Kamarbandh - waist bands

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