Laisingphee of Assam, Tripura & Manipur

Laisingphee of Assam, Tripura & Manipur

The lasingphee or quilted cotton material, produced by weavers of Cachar district, is extraordinarily warm and soft. This ornamental quilting material has an inner lining of cotton, which is stuffed or inserted at regular intervals between the parallel strips of weft cloth. This quilted cloth is woven on a fly shuttle loom and comes directly off the loom. In Assam bamboo sticks are sometimes used for stuffing instead of cotton. The fabric is rich in design and ornamentation. The lasingphee is also produced in Manipur and used as a covering in winter. Popular items made with this material are quilts, scarves and bedspreads, shawls, mats, gowns, hunting-coats.

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