Mirror Work & Embroidery of Rajasthan

Mirror Work & Embroidery of Rajasthan

The women in Sikar and Jhunjhuna embroider animal, bird, and tree motifs on their skirt borders. The women of Bikaner embroider their thick red woollen shawls with a running stitch, in a bandhini design which has the same pattern on both the sides. The Meos of Alwar use a chain stitch in contrasting colours along with the phulkari bagh stitch. The main colours are yellow, black, and white. The motifs are geometrical and floral. Jaisalmer is a very important embroidery centre using almost all varieties of stitches along with mirrors. Quilts called rallis are appliquéd with geometrically shaped pieces of cloth in dark, earthy colours. The embroidery done on silk is replicated on leather which is found locally. Shoes are covered with thread embroidery in brilliant colours; for urban markets the colours are toned down and a lot of gold thread is used. Camel and horse saddles are decorated with appliqué and embroidery done with a hook. The pichwai of Nathdwara, is an embroidered cloth-hanging used as a decoration in temples and temple-chariots. The temple of Srinathji has made this cloth-hanging very sacred, both as an offering at the temple and as a souvenir to take home. The outlines of the pichwai are dark and it is patterned with colourful embroidery; gold thread is used in some to highlight the design. When the pichwai is appliquéd, the background is in red cotton while the stitches are in cream, green, yellow, and black; white is used for the outlines. Gota work is done on velvet and are on appliquéd wall scrolls.

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