Sujani Weaving/Quilts of Gujarat

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Bharuch is the only craft pocket of Sujani weaving in Gujarat. In this process, two weavers sit at either ends and operate the loom. A shuttle of two colours is passed in the warp threads with the intention of turning the warp and the weft. While weaving, spun cotton is inserted and woven in squares.

The history of Sujuni weaving dates back to the 1860s when a Bharuch native learnt this craft form from a fellow Assamese convict in the Andaman jail and later taught it to his villagers. This meticulous technique involves two weavers per loom who place cotton between two layers of thread and weave them all together. Soft colored checks in contrast with bright colored stripes in a textured surface define the feel of the Sujuni fabric, which is both warm and durable. Around 30 artisans practice this highly skilled trade today.

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