Sujni Kantha Embroidery of Bihar

Sujni Kantha Embroidery of Bihar

Among the women of Bihar, the practice of embroidering quilts, or sujni kanthas, to give as gifts on festive occasions goes back to the 18th century. At the time of childbirth, patches of different coloured cloth from old saris were sewn together with a simple running stitch (sujni) to make a quilt (also called sujni) for the newly born. Often, pictures of gods and goddesses were embroidered with a finer but similar stitch, and hung on walls. This was a craft essentially practised by Rajput women for domestic consumption. But like many traditional crafts, sujni production had virtually disappeared until it was revived in 1988 by- ADITHI and its products adapted to an urban market.

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