Textiles of Maharashtra

Textiles of Maharashtra

In Ganeshpur tassar-weaving is done by the koshti community. They claim descent from the Sage Markanda who made the first fabric for the gods from the lotus-fibre. Tassar silk is called kosa, in Sanskrit. The varieties produced in tassar-weaving are mothe choukada, a design in big squares, and lahan choukada, a weave with smaller squares. The yarns woven include kosa and mercerised cotton. The gunja salai has diagonal designs and the coloured lines used along with this are green, blue, or orange. Teen dhari choukada is a three-square pattern, rasta-choukada is squares with horizontal lines. Hand-block printing is mainly done in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. The community of artisans is called bavasars. The colours used are mainly black and red derived from alizarine and the items made are floor coverings, bedcovers, quilts, and wraps. The local earthiness is predominant, and folk styles are used to make floral and animal designs. This craft uses metal or wooden design-blocks to embellish fabrics. Also see: Nagpur Saris of Maharashtra Himroo Weaving of Maharashtra Paithani Saris of Maharashtra Karvatkati Saris of Maharashtra Hand Block Printing of Maharashtra Ganga Jamuna Saris of Maharashtra Khan Textiles of Maharashtra Batik on Textiles Banjara Tribal Embroidery & Mirror Work Embroidery of Maharashtra Zari, Zardozi, Tinsel Embroidery

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