Toda Tribal Embroidery of Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu

Toda Tribal Embroidery of Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu

The Toda women in the Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu have their own distinctive style of embroidery called pugur, which means flower. The embroidery is done on the shawls conventionally worn by men. The shawl, called poothkuli, has red and black bands that end at intervals of six inches. The look is embossed and the embroidery is done between the gaps in red and black. The most important motif is that of the buffalo horn as the Todas venerate the buffalo, other important motifs include the little box called mettvi kanpugur and the design named after the ancient priest of the Todas called Izhadvinpuguti. There are other motifs named after wild flowers; and a quaint motif named after a girl who slipped and fell off the precipice.

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