Earthernware of Gujarat

Earthernware of Gujarat

Kutch and Saurashtra in Gujarat are noted for their beautiful pottery. The ware is white, with delicate designs on it. Bhuj in Kutch has a colony of potters producing clay utensils, tea kettles, bowls and pots for water, miniature toys, grinding stones, furnaces, and griddles. Festival objects like toy elephants, bullocks, and horses are also made by hand. This region is also noted for large grain containers. The pottery has a distinctive pale creamy colour. Relief work is done on it with mirrors and motifs. In Saurashtra, votive terracottas of horses, elephants with riders, calves, and goddesses, as well as imaginative versions of the deity Ganesha are done by hand. The handmade figures are moulded by women, and the wheel is by manned by men. This region is noted for its gopichandan --- clay which is the colour of sandal wood --- from which buff coloured pottery is made. Clay utensils with a lac coating are crafted by the tribals of the Chota Udepur region. Botad village in Bhavnagar is noted for clay whistles, clay bells, and clay buttons .

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