Wood Carving of Madhya Pradesh

Wood Carving of Madhya Pradesh

Tribal groups residing in the Betul region include the Gond, Korku, and Bharia. The traditional wooden doors of the Gonds and the Korkus and the memory relief and wedding pillars of the Bharias are unusual and fascinating. Dhar-Jhabua is dominated by the Nimar tribes whose musical implements --- large drums or dhols, mandals, dhanks, and dhags --- are also made of wood. The artistic wooden lamp stands and the 'thal' of the grindstone are made very artistically. The doors, pat or seat, and the supporting beams are made of kumbi wood, and have beautiful carvings of figures of animals and birds, along with various patterns. The chowkies for measuring grains and kangans are also made of wood.

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