Dhurries of Karnataka

Dhurries of Karnataka

Navalgund a small town in the Dharwar district is where the most colourful dhurries are woven. Earlier it was a weaving centre for woollen carpets but as wool became more expensive there was a switch to cotton dhurrie weaving. The motifs remain the same, and geometrical and floral designs abound. Navalgund dhurries are characterised by unusual patterns and stunning colours. Although these are cotton dhurries, yet the bright and lustrous colours used make them look far from ordinary. The art of dhurrie weaving has been passed down from one generation to the next. Families guard craft techniques even from their own daughters (who do not practise the craft). However, attempts are being made to introduce production on a more efficient and regular basis. A special dhurrie called sutada is made in Bijapur and Dharwar districts of Karnataka. This has simple, horizontal stripes of different colours. In Mulgund and Murgao of Dharwar district, a special dhurrie is made by joining together various nine-inch pieces of coloured cloth. Inspiration for the motifs is derived from wall paintings and wooden miniatures. Special designs are made for festive occasions.

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