Yakshagana Costumes of Karnataka

Yakshagana is a folk-drama found in Karnataka and has very distinct costumes. The men wear small vest-like garments in green or red and a dhoti with checks in orange, red, and black. A trapping is worn around the waist with a sail-like cloth of red and white at the back. The female characters wear garments similar to those worn by the local women. The headgear used in the theatre in the south are called kiritas. These are generally made of wood, inlaid with mirror, glass, and artificial stones. Gold thread, silver beads, peacock feathers, quill, woollen frills, and felt of various colours are used. Elaborate side attachments to the kiritas include a disc at the back, and wings on the side, with a peacock or a parrot perched on the branch. The ornaments used are usually made of light wood, fabric, and canvas. The wood ornaments are covered with golden foil, and inlaid with coloured glass or mirrors, artificial stones, red felt, and green beetles' wings. Metal embroidery or appliqué is done on velvet to make decorations for belts, armlets, and headbands for crowns. Small ornaments are made with metallic wires.

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