Korvai Dhotis of Tamil Nadu

Korvai Dhotis of Tamil Nadu

Korvai means the weaving of solid border with the use of three shuttles. The two side shuttles carry colours for the border which include the same material and colours as the border warp. The central shuttle carries the material and colour of the body of the dhoti or sari. The borders are woven with a non-continuous weft and interlocked together, creating solid, colour borders. This complicated technique of weaving is used both for cottons and silks. The technique of weaving involves the shuttle on the right being thrown by hand through the shed created in the border; the thread is intertwined with the weft of the body and placed on the woven section. The second shuttle is thrown right across to the other border where the thread of the third shuttle is intertwined with the body weft and thrown across the border. The shed is closed and the process is repeated.

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