Muda/Munj/Grass Furniture of Haryana

Muda/Munj/Grass Furniture of Haryana

Munj Grass craft of Haryana is more popularly known as sarkanda craft. The Culm of this Asiatic grass is used to create ropes and baskets. The main stalk of sarkanda grass dries up during winter and the grass is harvested. The thick part of the grass is used in making stools and the outer skin makes for thatch. The leaf of the grass is called munj. The munj is twisted tightly to create ropes. These ropes are then used to create web like structure on charpoi and muda. The muda can vary in size by height. Now a day's many contemporary functional products are made. For instance big sized chairs, light weight sofa sets for the living rooms. The other products include Chairs, Changeri, Boiya (bread basket), Sindhora (pear shaped basket), Kharola (fodder basket) chatai, chik etc.

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