Papier Mache of Delhi

Papier mache is a highly evolved craft of Delhi producing decorative utility items like pen stands, paper weights, boxes of all varieties, masks,  puppets, bowls, glasses, plates, lampshades, wall hangings and decorations, mirror frames and other ornamented items. Located mainly in  Kumbharka Mohalla of Mehrauli they use waste paper and clay, the big containers, decorated with pieces of glass, paint, and relief work, are light and lasting

The technique followed starts with the soaking of waste paper in water until it disolves into pulp, which is then beaten with stone and wood and then thoroughly mixed with with methi/fenugreek seed powder and wheat flour and made into a masala/paste. This mixture is used to create the basic product shapes. Then cut mirrors, glass and other shiny objects are pasted on in the areas designated and the product sun dried till it sets. The object thus shaped is then brightly colored  and lacquered for a final shiny look.

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