Applique & Patch Work of the Banni area in Gujarat

Applique & Patch Work of the Banni area in Gujarat

Appliqué is widely found in Gujarat where pieces of coloured and patterned fabrics in different sizes are sewn on to a plain background as a composite piece. This is mainly done on items of household use. The colours are brilliant, and the pieces are highly ornamented with motifs of animals and birds. In the Banni area of Sind, the embroidered work is often on maroon khaddar silk and the threads used are deep orange, golden yellow, dark red, and bright blue in colour. Octagonal motifs are often inset with mirrors.

A traditional practice of layering worn and torn pieces of fabrics to recycle and strengthen them, appliqué and patchwork are practiced by women across the state. Applique is the art of applying fabric on fabric with the edges sewn down by hand stitches. Patchwork entails sewing little patches of geometric shaped fabric together to form a textile pattern. Traditionally the techniques were used to create gorgeous quilts for household use.

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