Stone Carving of Rajasthan

Stone Carving of Rajasthan

Stone-carving is mainly found at Jaipur, Thanagazi, Kishori Makrana, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and Dungarpur. The fine stone-carving or delicate jali work in stone is very distinctive of this area. Functional domestic ware in stone is beautifully shaped and ornamented. The main stone found here is the yellow lime stone, sand stone, and coloured and white marble. In the panels made of stone, relief work is combined with trellis work. Sand stone is finely chiselled as if it were wood. Stone carving in buildings take the form of elegantly carved pillars, complicated pierced facades, screens with traceries, and richly carved doors ornamented with brass motifs. The structures have fine proportions and harmony. The green-spotted copper coloured tamra stone found in Sawaimadhopur is used in making images. Dungarpur has a soft shaded stone which turns black when oiled and is used for icon-making. A special feature is the carving of the Sun God, not found in other parts of Rajasthan. A soft stone in Bhilwara is very pliable and it is used as a substitute for alabaster.

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