Metalware of Madhya Pradesh

Metalware of Madhya Pradesh

This is essentially a tribal craft practised in Bastar, Pranpur, Datia, and Sagar. The cire- perdue or lost wax process is used for the casting. The clay core is retained within the metal covering and lends weight and strength to the product in spite of the thinness of the metal layer. The main products include figures of tribal deities such as Mahadeo, Kali, Kalikankalin, Satbehen, Thakur dev, Sitalamata, Gangadei, Semiriamata, Danteswari, Birabai, Agwanidevi, Burimai, Nandia, and Nag. The style of the products is folk and the products made are votive lamps, anklets, and turais (tribal bugles).

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