Dolls & Toys of Rajasthan

Dolls & Toys of Rajasthan

Udaipur is a big centre for wooden toys. The wood used is doodhia which is soft and can be finely chiselled and shaped. The toys are lacquered by pressing the lac stick against the revolving article and oil is also applied at the same time to give a better polish. Leaves of a flowering cactus are used for polishing. The articles are in a single colour or in rings or bands of different colours. By manipulating the lac turney and using several techniques, complicated designs and colour schemes are possible in the toy-making craft. A large variety of toys are made in Udaipur, including the cart drawn by a sparrow, kitchen sets, singardan (box with articles of toilet), grinder, and cradle on a stand. The modern toys made are gas lantern, gramophones, trains, cars, jeeps, aeroplanes, counting stands, and clock towers. Animal figures include horses, camels, and elephants. The shapes and the colouring of the toys are attractive. Udaipur is also famous for imitation dry fruit. They look very real in appearance. Bassi in Chittorgarh district is another noted centre for wooden toys. The entire village is engaged in wood-carving and in making wooden products. Jaipur is very well-known for cloth dolls and toys. The dolls are made of old cloth which is dyed and stuffed with waste material. They are gaily decorated with coloured paper and tinsel and they have expressive faces.

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