Tie & Dye/Bandhini of Madhya Pradesh

Tie & Dye/Bandhini of Madhya Pradesh

The Bandhani found here is unusual and very attractive. The main centres are Tarapur and Umedpura; Bhairongarh is a smaller centre. The Gambhiri river which flows in this region has its banks full of drying bandhani fabrics. The popular motifs include the dana pattern that is formed by chains of grain on the body of the fabric with elaborate designs on the borders and pallu. The gaps between the bands of dotted lines are filled with motifs and the borders have zig-zagging lines on them. The designs on the body of the chunris can be squares dots, clusters of dots, flowers, and birds. The colour combinations of the saris or chunris are mainly indigo-blue and red. The bandhani owes its attractive appearance to contrasting bright colours, lines, and trace-figures. A woman's upper garment made in the bandani style called pillya. This is a speciality of Jawad. The background colours are mainly red and the motifs are leaves, flowers, dolls, and elephants. In Jawad, hair strings or parandas in the bandhani style are also crafted from cotton yarn in several colours.

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