Cane, Bamboo, Grass, Fibre of Delhi

Cane, Bamboo, Grass, Fibre of Delhi

Cane and bamboo, which since ancient times have provided the raw material for basketry, mats, and other utilitarian items, including furniture, are essentially rural crafts connected with the everyday needs of people. The tall golden white sarkanda grass growing around Delhi and Haryana has made these a centre for the manufacture of chairs and moorahs or stools. Closed baskets, lounge chairs, waste-paper baskets, and trays of various sizes are also made and sold. The long strips of sarkhanda grass are cut and tied in a criss-cross fashion. They are then wrapped with wheat straw to hold them together. This is covered with a cord made out of munj grass or brightly coloured cotton or plastic. The colour binding makes these chairs more attractive.

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