Cane & Bamboo of Jammu & Kashmir

Cane & Bamboo of Jammu & Kashmir

Bamboo is deeply rooted in local folk traditions. Bamboo is used extensively owing to its great tensile strength and relative cheapness. In Jammu, where bamboo grows on the Shivalik range of hills along the Jammu-Pathankot highway in Kathua district and the adjoining Dhar-Udhampur road, village artisans have been traditionally crafting attractive utility items out of bamboo for use by the rich and poor alike. A wide range of products are made: bamboo splint baskets of various shapes and sizes, bamboo trays, and boxes of different sizes. The present generation of bamboo artisans are focusing increasingly on the dictates of modern life and urban markets. The items made thus include are furniture, fruit and vegetable bowls, ladies' bags, and table lamps. Willow rushes that grow in abundance in marshes and lakes in Kashmir are used to make quaint and utilitarian objects, ranging from shopping baskets to lamp shades. To increase the life span, unvarnished products should be sprayed frequently with water, particularly in hot, dry climates, as this prevents them from becoming brittle.

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