Clay & Terracotta of Rajasthan

Clay & Terracotta of Rajasthan

The pottery in Rajasthan has several distinct characteristics. Since water is such a precious commodity here, water pots have small mouths to prevent spilling. The shoulders of the pots are painted with black and white patterns. Alwar is noted for its paper thin pottery, known as kagzi pottery. This has extremely thin walls and is very light-weight. The double-walled surface is cut into different attractive patterns to help circulate the air and keep the water cool. The pottery in Pokhran has geometrical etchings. The painted pottery of Bikaner has lac colours to which gold has been added. The Nohar centre of Bikaner is famous for terracotta products. Beautiful terracotta horses for religious offerings are made in Jallore and Ahora districts while terracotta toys of Nagaur and Merta are popular articles sold in local fairs. The main pottery centres in Rajasthan are Jaipur, Ajmer, Bharatpur, Sikar, and Sawaimadhopur.

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