Embroidery of Uttarakhand

Embroidery of Uttarakhand

Embroidery is defined as the handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn; or embellishment with fanciful details. Embroidery of Uttarakhand is famous because of the versatility of creations by the craftspersons. To decorate the items, the artisans use a selection of stitches. The craft of embroidery serves as one of the main sources of income for many communities of this region. Despite being a traditional craft of decorating clothes, it is still relevant and popular. In Uttarakhand in the Bageshwar district a group of artisans defined as the Mandalsera Cluster practice this craft. The designs may be traditional or modern day geometric patterns, embroidery continues to be one of the common ways of decorating clothes. The embroidery is done on a wooden frame, to secure the cloth. These frames may vary in size. The fabric is decorated with the help of a long needle, threads, tikris and beads. Another embroidery pattern is the jaali or the net embroidery in geometric or floral shapes. This is done by pulling the warp and weft threads and fixing them with minute buttonhole stitches. The products are made predominantly for household use like curtains, bedspreads, furniture covers and dress material.

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