Copper Engraving/Marori Work of Rajasthan

Copper Engraving/Marori Work of Rajasthan

The craft of lac coloured metals popularly known as Moradabadi work has been popular in Rajasthan for close to a century. It can be seen as a cheaper imitation of bidri work. On a surface of plain or gilded brass or copper vessels, floral ornamentations in relief are created by chasing and punching away the background around the relief work. The areas thus chased are then filled up with black lac, fused by a hot bolt and the excess rubbed off with sand paper or powdered brick. Thus, a minute glittering floral design is obtained against a black background. This craft is known as Marori. The reverse of this. i.e. when the pattern is in black or any other coloured lac and the background in copper or brass is called chrakwan. In Jaipur, both forms are practiced using a lac of varying colours

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