Damascene/Koftgiri   Metal Inlay on Arms and Armour in Rajathan

Damascene/Koftgiri Metal Inlay on Arms and Armour in Rajathan

Languishing Craft

Armies of the Rajputs, Mughals and Tipu Sultan were renowned for their weapons. Every state had its own forging unit and the metals were locally procured and crafted. Not only where they the sharpest and strongest but each was a work of art, carved and bejeweled. The range and magnificence of the arms found in India was astounding as can be seen from the extensive visual documentation available. Any miniature painting of any tradition which has a male as its subject shows him in full armored finery. It was an art form held in the highest esteem, a honed science which, with the right combination of heat, metal and forging created arms to suit the physiognomy of the soldier.

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