Seashell Craft Seashell / Shimpla Hast Kala Craft Of Goa

Owing to the abundance of small and large varieties of shells all along its long coastline Goa has a long tradition of crafting and utilizing seashells on their own or combined with other materials like brass, plastic ,wood and horn to make an assortment of products. Products made include screens, boxes, mirror frames, jewellery. Some craftsmen retain the skill of making and using flat, translucent mother -of -pearl shells in windows to diffuse daylight, a craft technique introduced by the Portuguese that can be still seen in churches and old homes. The level of skill displayed in the craft, their size and shape determines the price at which it is marketed. The technique used is to first cleanse the shells with water soaked in a weak solution of hydrochloric acid and then sundry them before processing them through cutting, filling, carving, painting, polishing and sticking them. Tools used include files, drills and cutting machines. The main concentration of craftsmen is in Madgaon, Panaji, Porvorim and Mandrem.

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