Paintings of Arunachal Pradesh

Paintings of Arunachal Pradesh

Tangkha paintings are religious scroll paintings which depict Buddha and his preaching. These paintings are also an important tool to teach Buddhism primarily displayed in monasteries. The display of Tangkha signifies a great dedication towards the religion and self reliance to achieve salvation. The painting is prevalent in the Buddhist dominated regions of Tawang, West kameng, Upper Siang Districts of Arunachal Pradesh.

The Tangkha is Kuthang in local terminology of the Monpas of Arunachal Pradesh. It is regarded as an object of worshipping which is primarily been displayed in the monasteries, Gompas (Buddhist temples) and Lhagang i.e. family chapels. The meditation and worships in front of the Tangkha and the sculptures indicates right way for self purification and get protection from all evil motifs. Besides, the display of these holistic materials compensates peace and tranquilities amongst all living beings.

The belief amongst the Buddhists is to pay heed, to preserve and display Tangkha and sculptures in the holy-shrines for offering worships and prayers. Thus, the importance of Tangkha and sculpture amongst the Buddhists of Tibetan Mahayana sect are narrated in the literature.

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