Weaving Threads of Tradition - <i>Traditional textiles from Gopalpur, Odisha</i>

Weaving Threads of Tradition - Traditional textiles from Gopalpur, Odisha

In weaving threads of Odisha traditional textiles such as Khandua from Nupatna (Eastern Odisha) Bomkai from Southern Belt, tussar from Mankedia and Gopalpur village, Bicitrapuri and Ekphulia from western Odisha and Kotpad saris from Korapt tribal belt holds a prime place in Indian textiles. These textiles are embedded with cultural context of mythology and folk an exemplary of art in ikat, double ikat, and skilled weaves enhanced with supplementary warp and supplementary weft and symbolic motifs.

Odisha weavers known as tantti in Oriya language have passed on their knowledge generation to generation father to son and his son to the future generation. Tantti is born brought up with the tantta (loom) and suta (thread) sharing a strong bonding with each other. The relation of textiles and weavers is such that the weavers have inherited the art and unique visualization power to translate their ideas into cloth which is not only a woven product to adorn but also an expression of devotion.

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