The Living Crafts of India - Unbroken Continuities

In today's India across villages, hamlets, tribal swathes and urban fringes, in the most unlikely of places, ancient craft and weaving technologies are practiced and preserved, sometimes tenuously, often transmitted orally from father to son, mother to daughter, guru to shishya. The anonymous nature of India's craftsperson's, their dexterity and skill, their use of indigenous and ecologically viable technology to imagine and create - to weave, smelt, mould, sculpt, engrave, paint, build and imagine spans a cultural landscape that has for many millennia been bound together and shaped by its history, mythology and legend. Ingeniously adapted to surrounding nature, attuned to abundance and scarcity, and connected with social and ritual demand.

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NOW available addresses of over 60,000 weavers & craftspeople working in more than 1000 crafts categories across India

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