Khatumband  and Pinjrakari  Woodwork of Kashmir

Khatumband and Pinjrakari Woodwork of Kashmir

Khatumband is a craft unique to Kashmir. It uses thin geometric sheets of deodar wood which are cut and fitted into a double-grooved batten like a complicated jig saw; each piece so carved that it fits perfectly into the other. Large spaces, like walls and ceilings are clad in this technique by a repeat pattern method. The entire structure pieced together, lasting for over several hundred years without the use of a single nail. The Khatumband technique has been widely used in the contruction of Kashmir`s doongas/floating house boats and the shikaras/ the boats used in the rivers and lakes for door-to-door selling and transport. The other products made with this technique include boxes, bowls, screens, panels, bedsteads, cupboards, and cabinets. Pinjrakari, an allied technique is an intricate carving of lattice and trellis work done in light wood that is used on windows, doors, ventilators, railings and ornamental partitions and screens. With no nails used in this technique; the precise cutting, fitting and joinery holds the piece together.. The pinjra frames are pasted on with handmade paper in an effort to reduce the wind chill while allowing a filtered light through.

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