Metal Bells of Jalesar, Uttar Pradesh

Metal Bells of Jalesar, Uttar Pradesh

800 to 900 families are engaged in making the bells not only for Hindu temples, animal bells but also the anklet bells/Gungroos worn by dancers across India. A traditional occupation the craftspeople also cast religious idols, lamps for prayer and other metal items. A hereditary profession, they use the most basic of tools - Batta Bidinia (Grinder) Reta (File), Dabar, Farma (Die), Nihai, Sandyasi (Tongs), Pahiya (Circles), Pankhia (Fan for stoking), Cheni (Chisel), Hathida, Para, Gharia, Kothali, Suhaga, Kauli, Patta reti, Kharat, Badami Reti. The Silli (slab) comes from Mathura and is more expensive. These tools are made by the local lohar/ironsmith.

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