Lavancha Grass/ Vetiveria Products

Lavancha Grass/ Vetiveria Products Lavancha grass, grown abundantly in Karnataka, possesses medicinal properties as mentioned in Ayurveda texts. In Kannada it is popularly called as 'Madilya'. Khas or Khus is its popular Hindi name. In Sanskrit it is known as 'Usheera'. Lavancha is abundantly grown in U.P., West Bengal and Rajasthan.

Due to its cooling and medicinal qualities Lavancha grass finds many uses to counter the tropical heat. Teaspoon of lavancha powder with water taken internally helps to curb acidity, improves the digestive system. It plays a vital role in purifying the blood and improves blood circulation. When used with sandal as paste it reduces the pimples and removes the marks.

The oil of Lavancha roots is extensively used in the manufacture of scented soaps, perfumes and incense sticks. The oil can also be used as pain killer or insecticide.

Made into products that are utilitarian, yey transmit their healing properties to the user. The footwear of the Lavancha roots helps to control the body temperature and thereby keeps the body cool. While headgear such as caps and hats have a healing effect on headaches and keeps eyes cool and reduces irritation of eyes. It also reduces the hairfall.

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