Gabba Embroidery of Kashmir

Gabba Embroidery of Kashmir

Gabbas are the colourful rugs crafted out of old woollen blankets and lois. The old blanket pieces are dyed in colours and attached together with a cotton backing. These joined pieces are then embroidered with vividly coloured geometric and floral patterns. Gabba is fashioned in various shapes and sizes unlike the regular rugs monotonously shaped in rectangular shape with a medallion or motif in the centre.

An inexpensive and brightly coloured rug can be seen in every house in Kashmir. It is an effective floor covering and sometimes used as a mattress in cold areas of the state. The popular production clusters are Anantnag and Srinagar district in Kashmir. The craft crossed the state boundary when the carpet weavers were once invited to Punjab to prepare shamianas, qanat and gabbas.

With simple tools like ari- hooked needle and scissors the rugs converted to Gabba give an accented touch to the floors. The gabbas can be either appliquéd or embroidered. There are no limits to inspiration for the embroiderer since Kashmir is a paradise on earth with nature playing abundantly. All the motifs are derived from the nature and the scenic environment around the state.

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