Recycled Dhurries and Floor Covering Clusters of Uttar Pradesh, India

Recycled Dhurries and Floor Covering Clusters of Uttar Pradesh, India

Gwalior Cluster, Uttar Pradesh

Products: Fur furnishing, rugs, mats, sofa and seat covers

About the cluster: In the cluster there are approximately 400 looms engaged in manufacturing with annual production of about 50,000 square feet and amounting to nearly Rs. 3 crore. On average, a weaver can weave 100–120 sq ft in one shift and earn wages of Rs 70–90. As these products are economical and durable, there is a huge market potential across the country for them, and due to their resemblance to fur they are popularly known as fur products

Lawar Cluster, Meerut District

Products: Low-cost blankets, mats, prayer rugs, durries and cotton khes

About the cluster: There are about 1000 weavers in the cluster who work on pit looms. Most weavers have average income between Rs. 1500–2400 per month. Only 75% looms in the area are in working condition and the remaining are idle due to insufficient funds for maintenance. The raw material for this cluster is acquired from various sources, like textile mills, the carpet industry and small garment manufacturing units. One of the most important raw materials used for the products is post-consumer unstitched apparel, like saris, dupattas, stoles and shawls.This also helps in recycling of post-consumer apparel, which otherwise gets discarded and ends up in landfill. There is better acceptability by the customers of this recycled apparel for goods made from their own clothing as opposed to the ones coming from unknown sources. Without much planning of design very versatile colour combinations are achieved. No wonder if some kind of design and management skills could be incorporated the end product would be highly appreciated even more. There are about 460 women involved in the profession of weaving in a total of 1,000 in the area. The women are also involved in other preparatory tasks and are now contributing in the whole process at almost all stages. The dependency of family income on women has led to women's empowerment.

Bijnor Cluster

Products: cord, ropes, rugs, durries, small mats, prayer rugs

About the cluster: They are utilising fabric left over during various processes in the textile and apparel industry. Innovative methods are used to create products depending on available raw materials.

Rampur Cluster, Uttar Pradesh
Products: Decorative tents and canopies used on religious and ceremonial occasions to items like beach and garden umbrellas, lamp shades and wall hangings

About the cluster: Ther are utilising cut pieces of cloth as appliqué. Depending on the existing market, product range is wide and contemporaries. Usually, the men cut the patterns while the women do the stitching.

Clusters of Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh

About the clusters: Bhojpur, Rustampur, Tigri, Sardarnagar and Ataria clusters of Moradabad are involved in one of the most economically viable solutions to recycle used apparel. An order for a durrie can be placed for Rs 40 and 3 kg of used clothing. The apparel is shredded into pieces, twisted to develop a thick yarn and inserted as weft on a nylon warp. The weaver's family produces approximately one durrie in one hour assuring a good family monthly income.

Bhojpur Cluster, Moradabad
Products: Floor covering, dhurries

Rustampur , Moradabad
Products : Floor coverings, rugs, dhurries

Tigri, Moradabad
Products : Dhurries, carpets, floor covering, mats

Sardarnagar, Moradabad
Products : Dhurries, carpets, floor covering, mats

Ataria, Moradabad
Products: Dhurries, carpets, floor covering, mats

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